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Shins Side of PPNs Final Conflict episode2368 viewsI was beginning to wonder where CharizardMaster was though he didnt post any comment. So I went to his house and there was Flannery Emperor Quintana. We all searched the house for him.
Shins Side of PPNs Final Conflict episode2468 viewsWhile searching his house we heard his Voice Messenger reporting the message from CMaster in Siberia. The Emperor wanted to go save him and Flannery went on with him. I was regretting seeing that. When I got back, I decided to call over an old "Phantom Kansaibou".
Shins Side of PPNs Final Conflict episode25117 viewsWhen my friend Kansaibou came, we saw the Spiderscenses was beating up LatiDog. I told to do it aspecially after he insulted the 100 Flannery pictures I uploaded. Kansaibou and I sat for some coffee and I told him we found Branden tied up in Buenos Aires. Murugu had her feathers dyed red and I told K about my new Girlfriend Flannery was like a replacement for GreenMary.
Shins Side of PPNs Final Conflict episode2681 viewsFlannery and CharizardMaster came back from Siberia so I let them in. I was always good making cocoa, Flannery step in and she told me Quintana stood behind to give them a chance. I replied how a great man he was. Then K break through the ceiling again. (Ill strangle that weasel someday)
Shins Side of PPNs Final Conflict episode2783 views Flannery gaved me something so special to me. A very cute picture, I then put it on my bedroom wall. That night I dream that me and Flannery had a date in a Flowers Paradise
Shins Side of PPNs Final Conflict episode2886 viewsI woke up in the early morning because I heard a noise that someone left my house. CharizardMaster was gone, but Flannery was sleeping like a baby. On the couch was a note saying that he left to find Liza in the Charicivic Valley. But Broly already has her, then the sun rose that were now going to the valley.
Shins Side of PPNs Final Conflict episode2965 viewsAt the Charicivic Vallery, CHarizardMaster learned that Liza was caught by Broly, I feel sorry for him. But I had to do something so I send Broly my message if he can hear it.
Shins Side of PPNs Final Conflict episode378 views I tried to convince Broly that I love Green Mary, but he didnt change his mind. So I punched him and quit. While I was leaving, my retarded firend Tie_Gagged kept annoying me with wazzups, so I corrected him with a yell. As I got home, I took my cloak and burned it. On my mind was going why did I worked for Broly and how can I redeem myself.
Shins Side of PPNs Final Conflict episode3054 viewsOf course I was on top of the stone Charizard so I deiced to jump into the fountain below. But Flannery fainted because I almost died. Now we prepare for the glorious day that Broly will die.
Shins Side of PPNs Final Conflict episode3158 viewsI called the kaiju of my Island to war. Arceus then came by to say that his army is ready. Now its sunset.
Shins Side of PPNs Final Conflict episode32107 views54zilla came to battle especially his potty joke Tyrant did while trying to take PPN. The three keys the wizard told me about were suppose to unlock the Leviah with in. Flannery came by in a sexy war coat. (referencing to the Olympian god of war). She told that she loved me, and I do. So we hugged.
Shins Side of PPNs Final Conflict episode3367 viewsWar has begun.
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