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Shins Side of PPNs Final Conflict episode677 views On August 8th, 2000 I was elected Leader and founded NeoMonster Island and TKT. But 2000 wasn't the only year for me, it was for PPN itself and other greater nations, except for AnimeExpansions. A few months later my friend GreenMary was leaving to live somewhere else. I told her Goodbye and she left. I was her little hero.
Shins Side of PPNs Final Conflict episode764 views In 2004, I met my new girlfriend "Murugu". But that was during the Revelations with Mecha-Gino. He tried to kill Murugu and that was first time I went through the vengeance state (I thought I was hyper).
Shins Side of PPNs Final Conflict episode860 views Actually it was 2006 I had that crazy dream. So I climbed to Spear Pillar to meet Arceus. He showed me a wonderous hall of prophecies, 10,000 of them in an endless hall. Now my dream was going to be one of them.
Shins Side of PPNs Final Conflict episode966 views Arceus put his shiny hoove on my forehead and my dream just went out of my head into a sphere. He told me I can look at any prophecy while he confirms it. I stepped into a shelf that got my attention, on the side of the shelf was an orb with a heat badge. I looked at it and saw Flannery tormented! The whole shelf was full of tormenting prophecies.
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SlaKING KONG103 viewsAsh and co were going on an adventure,while Max wanted to go to an unknown island he saw on a map,so he brings a video camera.When the other 3 figure they were going somewhere unknowned,it was too late,they crashed on an island far from Hoenn,Johto,Kanto.While searching for help, they saw a celebration of a sacrifice to a something,until one of the natives saw the group and chased after them. Soon they got away,fix the boat and left,but May was missing,she was held captive by natives for a sacrifice,???????
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skipper + love288 viewsskipper + love, THIS WAS MENT TO BE!
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