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my classmates205 views
clefagar mini.PNG
clefagar mini256 viewsgengar + clefable
cl....171 views
CharizardMaster and Cynthia94 viewsF29: Have you gone MAD telling LukeAtmey you want Cynthia, he would torcher her that champion!!!! So anyway I'm politly giving you Cynthia to be another team member. so heres a lesson : NEVER EVER let someone like LukeAtmey or should I say "Osama Bin-Atmey" get a girl for you, TORCHERERS!!!!!!!!! God, smite the Luke and Lando that they are the wicked.
Coldgem Jirachi.JPG
Coldgem Jirachi312 viewsAnother Member of the Jirachi Family. It fires ice-cold blasts of water onto the foe, freezing it. It has a beautiful gem in its forehead. A long blue tail extended from it gracefully.
Colour change Ledian.jpg
Ledian Recoloration215 views
come back.JPG
Sharpeedock431 viewsthis is the rest of sharpedo's body.
Computer214 viewsA computer icon.
Now can finish the meeting of 5 elementals199 views
Celefree114 viewsFusion of Celebi and Butterfree
Cool Groudon.PNG
Cool Groudon414 viewsThe Groudon from Jirachi Wishmaker with no tentacles.
Cool Suicune.PNG
Electric Suicne432 viewsA Suicne with sparks.
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