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Lord of the Prophecies 151 viewsFellowship of the Prophecy part 24: With the crows spying the south, the fellowship travelled throught the moutains of Graeters Ice Cream made of Vanilla bean. Boltia fell and the orb rolled off, Wallace picked it up. He started to have a passion for it, til Kan told him to give it back to him. Meanwhile in the factories of Isengard, the crows told Tyrant that the fellowship was going north to the moutains, Tyrant had a plan.
Dragonslayer64 viewsThis is a very cool desktop right? I have used i on my own computer.
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aliens vs predator 2213 viewscool one pictures
Wandering Angel40 views
Wario45 viewsHe is a character in SSBB
wasn_t me.JPG
Wasn't me!96 viewsI think this ones funny...- Mew lover
Wassa matta.JPG
Wassa matta?288 viewsMewth talks to another
Lord of the Prophecies 141 viewsFellowship of the Prophecy part 10: As Kan and the 4 elelmentals traveled to Rivendell, they decided to stop at the WeatherHill watch tower for the night. That night, due to difficulties, the 5 nazgul ganged up on them. Acroqua tried to fight them but failed, so did Volnix and Ravnosphere. The black wraith in the middle walked to Boltia attempting to strike him, Boltia with fear gripped the orb till he vanished. In the Prophecies mind he saw the Nazgul unhooded, the dork then got him with his morgal blade.
water dragon.jpg
dragon of water57 viewsthis is the gardien dragon of water. kind and caring it hardly ever gets angry.
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