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Lord of the Prophecies 146 viewsFellowship of the Prophecy part 17: In the city of Rivendell. Boltia was then cured from the nazgul infection, but the scar would be with him forever. But greatly Shin finally made it to him. He explained that Tyrant's treachery was just the same as Ho-oh46's. Boltia was then welcomed by Pro. Oak (Elrond), Lisa's father (NOT in real-life). Acroqua, Volnix, Ravnosphere, and Space hojo was also in the elvish city and were joyed by Boltia's recovery.
werty in last form.JPG
Werty in last form64 viewswerty: feer me! IM A UNICORN no am mor like a pegahorn but that dont matter, FEAR ME!
werty173 viewsits werty, Im still working on mine-cat thing
werty45 viewssomthing we made a long time ago.
wertys lion.JPG
wertys lion59 viewsuuuuuu.......its cute?-werty
wertys plans for the day! yipy!!!.JPG
WERTYS PLANS144 viewswerty: DIE BOYS DIE!!! cat thing: YAY YAY YAY YAY!!-werty
wertys violant cat.jpg
wertys violant cat45 viewsthis is mary. wertys cat. the cat is in front of a pic it made, the pic is a dead ally cat. mary is the most violant cat I know of.......
whahappa?156 views cool - Mew lover
The Little Mermaid VHS video cover with something wrong.174 viewsLook for the red circle to find something silly.
when ure live is on the line!.JPG
lots of heartless76 viewsthis is easy
Whit comic.JPG
Whit and Sephiroth209 viewsDon't mess with Sephiroth!
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