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Magic!25 viewsI was performing a magic trick for my cousin. (right)
Made a card vanish. ^^
Last Thought.png
Last Thought65 viewsLast thought running through his head as the end approaches.

(Scene from the Final Battle with Volk)
Nu Mou.png
Nu Mou35 viewsHe is a character I created for a project I'm currently working on. Still havn't thought of a name though. Anyways, he is a Nu Mou; Nu Mou are a race in FFTA.
Girl.24 viewsRandom pic. I have decided she is a secretary.
Seed 2.png
Seed One.23 viewsA monster I created for my .Hack RP in another site. It's a boss.
Seed Mino.png
(GENESIS)--Semi-Boss65 viewsThe third semi-boss of the four. It is a highly advanced AIDA that is also 'fused' with an actual player, thus giving it an almost humanoid shape. It has several long tentacles that sent 'shocks' to the players if touches. The shock puts the real person behind the player in a temporary state of paralysis, putting him/or at risk of falling unconscious or dying due to the lungs closing.
Weapon #136 viewsThis is officially Twilight Shadow's start off weapon. When TS awoke, the sword was already by his side. How it came to him is still a mystery.
TS more.jpg
TS (better ver.)63 viewsI'm too lazy to apply the coloring, but this is a more detailed pic than the first one.
TS nocolor.jpg
TS53 viewsJust, you know....me.
???-Violet49 viewsNothing much is known about this character. History, family, friends, or even abilities. In fact, not many know if the stranger is a girl or a boy, but one thing is sure; The stranger seeks Twilight Shadow, but his motives for doing so are unknown.
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