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boobs5306 viewsbanned episode06/08/11 at 00:44Keppo: What's up, suckas?
boobs5306 viewsbanned episode01/02/11 at 03:12-D.H.-: Where is everyone haha
01. BlueMay.jpg
Blue May4420 viewsThis Hyperion's image is the favorite. May looks pretty.01/02/11 at 03:07-D.H.-: The Memories!!! haha
Poster to Best Wishes84 views08/10/10 at 00:52Toa Harlen: This is gonna rock.
Pokemon DP anime updates103 viewsA new pokemon episode is in the making and it could mean the end of Team Rocket (Jessie, James, and Meowth), titled: "Sayonara Roketto-dan! Nyāsu no Koi!?" (Goodbye Team Rocket! Love of Nyarth!?) (さよならロケット団!ニャースの恋!?)

Airs May 27, 2010 in Japan
05/01/10 at 03:44Toa Harlen: FINALLY! Team Rocket has been getting old for som...
Pokemon 13: Phantom Champion, Zoroark trailer 4156 viewsA new trailer has been revealed quite some time ago.05/01/10 at 03:43Toa Harlen: Smile
Slap!132 views12/13/09 at 16:18Qustry.: Better go get Brock.. Rolling Eyes
.................770 views..................12/09/09 at 06:17kasaibou2nd: This was the scene when Tracey stated that water+e...
165 views07/10/09 at 01:32Charizard Master: Yeah, he got owned...by ME!! He learned his lesson...
165 views07/09/09 at 02:04kasaibou2nd: Ash gotz owned Laughing
Gardenia66 views06/29/09 at 20:12Charizard Master: *hugs Gardenia* I got it under control. Wink
Gardenia66 views06/29/09 at 08:48ArmedDragoon: I can fix that. :3
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