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gegar as he should be713 viewsthis is an edited sprite of gengar like the official art suggests he should be08/08/04 at 01:00pokemon master: an insult to pokemon
Charmender is evolving!1839 viewsCharmender is evolving into a Charmeleon08/07/04 at 23:09HATARU: i think it's a good picture and i can't wait 2 get...
Moltres2359 views08/07/04 at 00:43Anon:
Pokemon Tower590 viewsPokemon Tower08/06/04 at 16:47kelly: WOW it's so beautful :...
1428 viewspokemon emerald cover08/06/04 at 16:44kelly: :id...
banner of night shade.PNG
Wacked up.1236 viewsI changed this pic.08/06/04 at 16:41kelly: Nice colors
Absol1043 viewsCool08/06/04 at 16:40kelly: It's so cool
Squirtle1048 viewsCute Squirtle08/06/04 at 16:37kelly: It's so cute
Blackandwhitetown490 viewsblack and white town08/06/04 at 16:35kelly: I'd like it with color
1376 views08/06/04 at 16:30Anon: it's great!
Fake? i don't know!2673 viewsA pic that is fake i think08/04/04 at 22:10mineteaser: ~_~
My logo.JPG
Just a little design995 viewsJust a little piccy I made with some of the images we already have08/04/04 at 13:51psycic master: oh no you get to play red a agein well wen i g...
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