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FireRed Starting Screen.PNG
FireRed Start892 viewsThe starting screen for Pokemon FireRed07/18/04 at 16:33Anon:
Squirtle1048 viewsCute Squirtle07/17/04 at 02:17Misty Water trainer: Hope Misty catch one
My logo.JPG
Just a little design995 viewsJust a little piccy I made with some of the images we already have07/17/04 at 02:15Misty Water trainer: Nice
Male Trainer927 viewsMale Trainer In FR&LG07/17/04 at 02:15Misty Water trainer: He is ok,but the girl is better
Hula Trainer Sprite909 viewsAn edited PokeSprite.07/17/04 at 02:14Misty Water trainer: She is one of the E-four in the h
Kanto Gym.png
Yet Some More Improved G/S Sprites1566 viewsThe Kanto Leuge07/17/04 at 02:10Misty Water trainer: Misty looks awsome
Johto Gym.png
More Improved G/S Sprites1738 viewsThe Johto League07/17/04 at 02:09Misty Water trainer: I like Misty better
blackwhite467 viewsblackwhite07/17/04 at 02:08Misty Water trainer: No, it's shows what you did before after you save ...
Blackandwhitetown490 viewsblack and white town07/17/04 at 02:06Misty Water trainer: I can't wait to get it
Bag512 viewsbag07/17/04 at 01:59Misty Water trainer: Like the new boy bag
Oak's Lab919 viewsSeeing you and your rival in oak's lab07/17/04 at 01:56Misty Water trainer: Hey wheres the girl
2843 views07/17/04 at 01:55Misty Water trainer: Kygon is better
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