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Johto Gym.png
More Improved G/S Sprites1738 viewsThe Johto League06/20/04 at 18:46Anon: I love Jasmine and Pokemon!
1376 views06/20/04 at 16:44Anon: fate schifo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMMAGINI TROPPO PIC...
blackwhite467 viewsblackwhite06/19/04 at 09:48pokekiller: Couse the dork who did this pic dont got a GameBoy...
Johto Gym.png
More Improved G/S Sprites1738 viewsThe Johto League06/19/04 at 09:47pokekiller: I hate pokémons but i love to draw them
Growlithe1540 views06/08/04 at 07:29vulpix: hi
2843 views06/04/04 at 00:31mike: that is a great picture
2843 views05/06/04 at 21:52Anon: cool
Kanto Gym.png
Yet Some More Improved G/S Sprites1566 viewsThe Kanto Leuge04/27/04 at 22:09Anon:
Squirtle1048 viewsCute Squirtle04/27/04 at 22:05Anon:
Red Sprites1177 viewsI ripped some sprites from the screenshots that are out. Enjoy.04/16/04 at 21:36Anon: Awesome!
2843 views04/14/04 at 17:49Reiyon: Kygon or Grouogre? =D
banner of night shade.PNG
Wacked up.1236 viewsI changed this pic.04/08/04 at 08:39Anon: strange but COOL
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