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Umbreon418 viewsIt sucks, but I liked making it!08/10/04 at 08:37pokekiller: I agree with you
Sandslash's Hidden Weapons1367 viewsJust about everyone I know think this is my absolute best piece, personally I still think its the sky high dragonite. But I can see why, its brooding, mysterious, and it even has a shadow with eyes. I wouldn't want to run into this guy in a dark ally.08/10/04 at 08:37pokekiller: cool, serious! How did you done it?
Bayleaf464 viewsNot much of a pose, and it sucks, but I like makin the pics!08/10/04 at 08:36pokekiller: Im sute this pic is done in Paint huh? I think tha...
New Pokemon604 viewsA new Pokemon coming out!08/03/04 at 15:00pokekiller: IT (...)
Junichi540 viewsI drew him by hand and colored him by photostudio.08/03/04 at 14:59pokekiller: OK this pic should be good if you had time to get ...
New Pokemon604 viewsA new Pokemon coming out!07/24/04 at 16:01Andrew: I guess It's good
Pirate????742 viewsooo I just felt like uploading a new piccy, and this is my 2nd most recent, and one I'm actually proud of. For the moment anyways.07/24/04 at 15:58Andrew: Awsom manga. Absolutly Awsom
..:: My Marill Gurl ::..1984 viewsI created this on Adobe Photoshop one day. It was really fun...and I think it's a pretty cute pic.....^^)07/23/04 at 21:00celia: cute
New Pokemon604 viewsA new Pokemon coming out!04/06/04 at 00:15Anon:
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