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Lati Family.JPG
Lati Family!1029 viewsAll the lati's!!!03/27/07 at 10:10cobrall: lati-doa
Kappa229 viewscmjvknrfoluikm ,03/27/07 at 10:05cobrall:
Jelebi vs trainer.png
Jelebi vs trainer532 viewsDo you remember that i (Mewtwo2000) has made Jelebi here i a wild Jelebi.03/27/07 at 10:04cobrall: im definetly not in 1st
Im a Misdreveus.PNG
Misdreveus205 views03/27/07 at 10:02cobrall:
SOMETHING! :!:171 viewsI dont know what it is.03/27/07 at 10:00cobrall: i cant see it
Herbipede87 viewsThe cycle is complete03/27/07 at 09:58cobrall: hey thats not nice
Grougre70 viewsFusion of Groudon and Kyogre03/27/07 at 09:54cobrall: 1st
umpluse139 viewsa cuteie arnt it03/27/07 at 08:16cobrall: thats a lot of mony
my sprites685 viewsok i am new , i had my sprites sepret but i wast time by uploading one at a time. the names you can make up03/27/07 at 08:13cobrall: i like those pokemon
Torkipcko119 viewsAfter the discovery of this pokemon, Prof. Birch now keeps three of these.03/27/07 at 08:07cobrall: thats a lot of mony
Torkoal flip.jpg
Torkoal Recoloration109 viewsThis is a recolorated Torkoal.03/27/07 at 08:06cobrall: it looks like its glowing
fire type lapras104 viewsa type change of lapras03/27/07 at 07:24masterfull: wow cool best ever
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