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deochi605 viewsim pleased with how it came out03/27/07 at 00:31cobrall: im with duh no insult
Delimin648 viewsThis is another minun i did, this time a fusion of delibird and minun. Isnt it kyoot? Also, when u make comments, please tell me what other minuns i should make ok? thank u.03/27/07 at 00:29cobrall: make a camerupt minun
Darking 2 GR.PNG
Darking364 viewsThis is one of my five Demon Pokemon I created. Hope you like it ^^ Tell me if you wnt the other four and i might show.03/27/07 at 00:26cobrall: let me see the other 4
Shadowmaniac's custom sprites377 viewsuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...03/27/07 at 00:24cobrall: cool
Now can finish the meeting of 5 elementals199 views03/27/07 at 00:23cobrall: i cant see them
charvee299 viewsa mix between an eevee and a charmander03/27/07 at 00:20cobrall: harmanders looks funny
Chartoise244 views03/27/07 at 00:18cobrall: this is the first 3d pokemon i seen here
charquazard424 viewsone of my best sprites! pixel by pixel!03/27/07 at 00:17cobrall: u meen the pikachue one
312 views03/27/07 at 00:15cobrall: i have a microscope (throws microscope at comp...
Chardowoodo343 views03/27/07 at 00:12cobrall: thats a lot of mony
Charbusklava337 viewsWhat do you think?03/27/07 at 00:10cobrall: i sorta like it
Jiramander831 viewsnot really one of my best ones.....give me some ideas people! i'm fresh out! *7-Lugia*03/27/07 at 00:08cobrall: do you only fuse pokemon try making some up :!...
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