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celagon298 viewsthis isone of my pictures that didnt take to long to make and have many more so I hope you like it!
03/27/07 at 00:05cobrall: i like it and anyone who dosnt belongs in th...
Bulbsquirtmander169 viewsFusion of Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander.03/27/07 at 00:02cobrall: yay im the first 1 here
Bulbasaur301 viewsykc03/27/07 at 00:01cobrall: that bulbasaur needs more water
Bulbachu182 viewsFusion of Bulbasaur and Pikachu03/27/07 at 00:00cobrall: am i the first 1 here
Boltia288 viewsThis is what I look like in real life03/26/07 at 23:58cobrall: dosnt that pokemon have the head of dialga or howe...
Bluefire Jirachi.JPG
Bluefire Jirachi635 viewsThis is another member of the Jirachi Family. It shoots fire out from its back like a Cyndaquil does when it prepares for battle, or gets angry. The feathery design on its forehead represents it as a male. This Pokemon throws blue firebolts at foes with great power.--Latias Lover!03/26/07 at 23:54cobrall: jirachi-thingey i wish any one who dosnt ...
Blue Ditto.PNG
Shiny Ditto342 viewsA shiny Ditto.03/26/07 at 23:45cobrall: ditto transform into team rockets bo...
blissertress429 viewsmade by cat thing03/26/07 at 23:40cobrall: xtra hot moltres
BLISSERDRIF517 viewsa fake pokemon evoved from icey, hope you like it. gess wich 1 of us made dis 1.-cat thing and werty03/26/07 at 23:39cobrall: whats the matter with cat thing near the top
Blazitwo170 viewsFusion of Blaziken and Mewtwo03/26/07 at 23:36cobrall: uuhh...its ok
Ravmosphere50 views03/26/07 at 10:03REAPER: LOOKS LIKE MY $#!%!
109 views03/26/07 at 09:47Anon: I BID (...)
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