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Pikachu Found Paint286 views03/26/07 at 09:07cobrall: r u sher thats paint it looks more like pikach...
004.png207 viewscharmander is the lizerd type pokemon.03/26/07 at 09:04cobrall: charmander again
004.png207 viewsoh it's a charmander03/26/07 at 09:03cobrall: a charmander
coulormander508 viewsfirey colouful flying thing03/26/07 at 09:01cobrall: here we go again
chaqlt547 viewscharmander with my details03/26/07 at 08:59cobrall: again
yoh hao may1384 viewsa pic of yoh may and hao battling. E& U 03/26/07 at 08:52cobrall: howd u get a pic like that ...
aggroth vs machonn2598 viewsa new pic celebrating my return on ppn!03/26/07 at 08:49cobrall: u r down here to that proovs that u do...
Torkoal442 viewsTorkoal team icon.03/26/07 at 08:43cobrall: y are there sooooo many words above me or are they...
Torchic453 viewsTorchic team icon.03/26/07 at 08:39cobrall: y are there sooooooo many words up there
Drowzee373 viewsDrowzee team icon.03/26/07 at 08:37cobrall: wat are u saying
Slowpoke473 viewsSlowpoke team icon.03/26/07 at 08:35cobrall: uh. wats going on
Celebi961 viewsA pic of Celebi.03/26/07 at 08:31cobrall: huh
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