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:faints:329 views06/18/13 at 08:14kasaibou2nd: HeartGold and SoulSilver!
Spidermanitan202 viewsI'm back...8 year absence. This is a Darmanitan that's supposed to look vaguely like Spidey. 05/29/13 at 06:32kasaibou2nd: Welcome back
172 views01/20/13 at 10:34kasaibou2nd: Nice work here.
173 views01/20/13 at 10:04kasaibou2nd: Great job on the anatomy and expression
Vision of Escaflowne302 viewsI like this anime because it has good music.01/28/12 at 02:58LatiDog: Actually, you weren't. Just because you can sp...
My token of Apology.323 viewsOh deer, I feel like such an ass. I guess I have something to say for myself.

To CharizardMaster, EmperorQuintana, and oh so many others:
I am sorry I've called you all n00bs. The really meaning of it is a slang term for a newcomer to an Internet activity. Now I've realized that I was more of a douche bag to you all. Can you ever forgive me?

To F29:
I have read your fan fiction story. It was really good, and it showed me how much I was a snob. And to make it right, I am oh so sorry I called those one hundred Flannery pictures annoying. I hope you can forgive me.
01/28/12 at 02:46LatiDog: This is sad. You think you can take a few pictures...
boobs5286 viewsbanned episode06/08/11 at 00:44Keppo: What's up, suckas?
boobs5286 viewsbanned episode01/02/11 at 03:12-D.H.-: Where is everyone haha
01. BlueMay.jpg
Blue May4390 viewsThis Hyperion's image is the favorite. May looks pretty.01/02/11 at 03:07-D.H.-: The Memories!!! haha
Pkmn Black and White UPDATE239 viewsThe release date is set to September 18, 2010, and there's a teaser trailer below.


Here's MORE info on the games and anime

01/02/11 at 01:49-D.H.-: hey haha
Officer Jenny 443 viewsPokemon 13 Movie trailer09/02/10 at 04:20kasaibou2nd: What do you know, an old friend's back. How a...
Rayquaza & Deoxys LEGEND264 views08/31/10 at 02:47kasaibou2nd: Well it's just that I have so much to do in li...
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