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Vision of Escaflowne302 viewsI like this anime because it has good music.03/07/10 at 03:01Returner: I agree. The anime's musical score was what at...
This is a test.94 viewsAnd you just failed.03/02/10 at 17:49kasaibou2nd: Hi!
Pokemon (DP) Cataclysm143 viewsSince the DP special is coming to the US, I've thought about making my own version of it. Because it is loosely based on game events, and could've been better. I call my project Pokemon Cataclysm.

There's a trailer if it were to be released on Cartoon Network.
03/01/10 at 07:46Toa Harlen: Good luck Kas!
Phantom Champion Zoroark Picture77 viewsCoroCoro Special has shown the first promotional image from the movie since its name change and the revealing of Zorua & Zoroark. This image didn't come with any accompanying data about the movie but did contain this image which will likely be adapted into the Movie Poster. This image features Zorua & Zoroark as well as the Legendary Beasts of Johto and Celebi. It also shows two of the characters introduced in the movie.03/01/10 at 07:43Toa Harlen: Zoroark's gonna steal the show, but are Ho-oh ...
Pokémon Ranger: Tracks of Light update120 views * The Shaymin in the special mission is also said to be able to be transferred over to the main games thus showing all four of the missions give you new Pokémon
* In the Deoxys mission, only the leader of the team is able to retrieve the Deoxys. People without the mission can join in and help capture, but only the group leader can obtain it in each play through
* Latios and Latias being in the game is dependent on your character gender. Male brings you Latios and Female brings you Latias.
* You may encounter Celebi whom will take you in the past to clear missions. Clearing these missions opens up things in the relative future and is needed to go past certain obstacles
* You may find litographs on your adventure. When you find them, the amount of partners you can choose is increased and you have the ability to raise them.
03/01/10 at 07:42Toa Harlen:
Zoroark ( ゾロアーク )107 viewsHere's Zoruas evolved form, looks really awesome BTW.
Type: Dark
Classification: Monster Fox Pokémon
Height: 1.6m
Weight: 81.1kg
Based upon its classification, ばけぎつねポケモン, we are able to determine that it is the Phantom Champion as ばける means "to take the shape of" or "disguise oneself".
02/18/10 at 06:15Toa Harlen: There's actually hope for the 5th generation n...
Toonami Logo82 viewsSuch a great TV block <:)02/08/10 at 05:22Toa Harlen: Toonami was so awesome back in the day. They didn...
Original Cartoon Network Logo70 viewsWhy did they change such a nostalgic logo :(02/08/10 at 05:19Toa Harlen: A nostalgic logo goes with nostalgic programs. ...
Z revealed81 viewsJudgement has been passed, the series is going to continue. :(02/07/10 at 22:44kasaibou2nd: I agree with the both of you. Doesn't Arceus ...
Z revealed81 viewsJudgement has been passed, the series is going to continue. :(02/07/10 at 22:32Toa Harlen: Are...
Suicune HGSS sprite153 views02/07/10 at 10:52kasaibou2nd: Dude, why do you post comments like that?
Upcoming Pkmn Ranger Special114 viewsA new special episode of the anime is set to be aired in their episode on February 14th in Japan. It is not currently known what the special episode involve but we'll keep an eye out.02/05/10 at 06:48kasaibou2nd: I'm with you on that one, the CG issue. And y...
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