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1022 views-wdg04/10/08 at 00:10Dr. Mario: It's a mee!
Ash and May sleeping together?479 viewsSo, I wonder what the baby is going to be called?!

- SatoHaruLover
04/09/08 at 23:57Dr. Mario: I do not believe that, on this occasion, a baby co...
Dr. Mario presents77 viewsJames wants to give Ash an enema.

James will Ash einen medizinischen Einlauf machen.
04/08/08 at 23:53Dr. Mario: *CRASH!!* The syringe is broken... Hihi! - There&#...
Dr. Mario presents34 viewsRemember: Pikachu has been defeated in the Pokémon dojo. Then Ash brouht Pikachu to my mecial practice (doctors office), where I cure Pikachu.04/04/08 at 01:26Dr. Mario: Sorry... I'm only a doctor for Human- and Poké...
Dr. Mario presents31 viewsName plate of the Pokémoncenter in Petalburg City04/03/08 at 15:00Dr. Mario: This is a selfmade product.
pikachu1354 viewspika...wahhh!!04/03/08 at 02:02Dr. Mario: Is a box for electric-Pokémon - food -----> But...
Slap!130 views04/03/08 at 01:16Dr. Mario: It's a mee, Dr. Mario! I had talk to nurse Joy...
LOL9-Champ192 viewshmm i think the cars broken lol
04/02/08 at 20:40Dr. Mario: This picture is perfect for the Musictitle: "...
Ash's Sceptile's Solarbeam339 views04/02/08 at 20:16Dr. Mario: This "Solarbeam" could melt in i...
GAS?73 viewsIs that gas on prof oaks face, or inside the chimchar?04/02/08 at 20:09Dr. Mario: Mammamia... Prof. Oak was welded "Autogenousl...
Slap!130 views04/02/08 at 20:06Dr. Mario: I'll talk sometimes with her... Maybe I can pe...
Dr. Mario presents29 viewsPokémon
"Dr. Mario edition"
04/01/08 at 02:30Dr. Mario: I do not know whether I should put the picture als...
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