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Last comments - Dr. Mario
FAAAAAAALCON PUNCH!34 viewsFAAAALCON, PUNCH!!!04/01/08 at 01:03Dr. Mario: Hahaha!! Perfecto
Scared? 75 viewsCharizard Master: They're freaked out becuz Brock was, should I say, taken out! 03/28/08 at 14:13Dr. Mario: Haha! The both look in such a way, as if they had ...
melody1696 viewscool huh03/21/08 at 02:46Dr. Mario: It's a mee, Dr. Mario! Hello ash ketchum.
Pay Back218 views03/21/08 at 02:33Dr. Mario: Au-au-au!! Pikachu weld Ash, Misty and Brock. :sho...
54 views03/21/08 at 02:10Dr. Mario: Mammamia... Why has she used no syringe for th...
Rizelmine123 views03/21/08 at 01:48Dr. Mario: Oh, Mammamia... I've seen this episode. The bo...
Rizelmine116 views03/21/08 at 01:45Dr. Mario: I know all about this Anime. Tomonori is a normal ...
Peach is in trouble!!!46 viewsSOMEBODY SAVE HER!!!.........also DiD is lame -_-03/21/08 at 01:21Dr. Mario: I'll do this... *Use the sledge Hammer to stom...
Charge56 viewsPikachu charging up for an attack.03/14/08 at 01:31Dr. Mario: With the enorm current of Pikachu's attack it ...
Fat Ash173 views03/14/08 at 01:15Dr. Mario: It's a mee, Dr. Mario!
What's the diagnos...
lol12-Champ208 viewsdang!now i got to give me a ticket
03/14/08 at 00:58Dr. Mario: Luigi: Bingo! Hohohoho!!!
Dr. Mario presents33 viewsMario carry Link
(Link and Mario are friends)
03/06/08 at 06:05Dr. Mario: Mario and Link are cheerful for their victory over...
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