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Last comments - Dr. Mario
Don Camillo and Peppone27 viewsA picture of Don Camillo
and Peppone.
03/06/08 at 03:53Dr. Mario: Bingo. Ash and Team Rocket are really like Don...
Hojos Revenge66 viewsRescues Duplica and Misty pays02/28/08 at 00:54Dr. Mario: Hey! perfecto Hojo! Now there is no more for calli...
this is the pic110 viewsThank Yoshi151 for the pic02/27/08 at 23:55Dr. Mario: Oh! Mammamia! *Tell Yoshi off* Yoshi! If you would...
This is Ash's mastercraftmans license424 viewsAsh's Pokémon mastercraftmans license.
Made by Don Camillo.
(Excuse me, if my english isn't perfect...)
02/24/08 at 05:07Dr. Mario: That's the simple Mastercraftmans license... I...
Prof. Buchmeier presents55 viewsInuyasha in his human form
(Miroku pull faces with Inuyasha's face)
02/24/08 at 04:47Dr. Mario: Bingo! I had seen this episode...
Prof. Buchmeier presents24 viewsInuyasha's church bell.
02/24/08 at 04:44Dr. Mario: That's once another form of Inuyasha... Good i...
Prof. Buchmeier presents21 viewsDr. Mario02/24/08 at 04:37Dr. Mario: Bingo! The one and only.
Clover40 viewslol, clover and alex are always getting in trouble and same saves them... *hugs the show* (if thats possible)
I wish they hadn't taken it off of Cartoon Network.
02/21/08 at 02:50Dr. Mario: Au au au... The liquid Bronze is comin
Excel Punch!!!189 viewsExcel beats up something. Looks like another girl.02/21/08 at 01:09Dr. Mario: Mammamiiia Stop!!
PokeBallz41 views02/21/08 at 01:07Dr. Mario: Ouuuu!!... that hurts
kasumi death12332 viewskasumi02/20/08 at 19:52Dr. Mario: Mammamiiiiiaaa!!! Use circlesaw to kill th...
972 views02/20/08 at 19:04Dr. Mario: Maybe the bike has been made of Aluminium
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