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Arceus creating in HeartGold and SoulSilver223 views07/26/09 at 20:28kasaibou2nd: About the new character of 2009 or the PPN Chronic...
Dr. Mario presents92 viewsThis happens, if Team Rocket
wants to have a Pokémon-
fight with Bud Spencer.

Das kommt dabei heraus,
wenn Team Rocket und
Bud Spencer zusammen treffen.
07/12/09 at 17:51kasaibou2nd: Yeah, Bud Spencers owns!
30 viewswell you can see i LOVE smiley faces07/12/09 at 00:25kasaibou2nd: AHHHHHHHHH Shocked
165 views07/09/09 at 02:04kasaibou2nd: Ash gotz owned Laughing
Toa Mistika Tahu122 viewsSet # 8689
Toa of Fire (duh)
Tahu carries a Rotating Blade and a Nynrah Ghost Blaster whick look so rad. He also has rocket jets on him to make him go fast.
07/09/09 at 01:41kasaibou2nd: Very Happy Yay Very Happy
Bulbasaur1188 viewsBulbasaur's Fan art For FR&LG07/02/09 at 20:30kasaibou2nd: Ken Sugimori is a mad genius Very Happy !
Gardenia66 views06/29/09 at 04:22kasaibou2nd: I guess she needs a hug.
Gardenia66 views06/28/09 at 23:40kasaibou2nd: Laughing Laughing Laughing
You Have Angered The Gazebo79 viewsSay you're sorry...06/27/09 at 21:01kasaibou2nd: I guess he wants to fire his LAZAR
bloody p kansaibou107 viewsthis is me...06/27/09 at 20:40kasaibou2nd: And thats what Kan would of turned out if he was a...
franticshipping86 views06/27/09 at 19:50kasaibou2nd: Actually Brendan's only anime appearances are ...
CharizardMaster's human forme139 viewsCharizardMaster achieved this forme when F29 gave him an elixer in 2008. After drinking it, he transformed into a human, proofing he was innocent when WhiteDragon accused him of Poke-Beastility.

Checkmate Beastilityist!
06/22/09 at 03:55kasaibou2nd: tada!
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