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Luke Atmey's Secret Plan383 viewsHaha! Surprised? I, Luke Atmey, am aligned with the forces of DID! I have decided to announce my bid to take total control, as there is nothing anyone can do to stop me! To all the foolish opponents of DID, you are wasting your time. We are unstoppable! No matter if one member is squashed, the abductions will still continue, and that isn't even the best part! Once I overthrow our glorious leader, I, Luke Atmey, will control this mighty empire with a mighty fist! My name will be written in the stars! ZVARRI!01/11/08 at 07:24PPNSteve: oh no! Its a war! RUN! Hide! ..or fight back.
message to the DiD fanatics106 views Broly01/10/08 at 00:01PPNSteve: chill out hiwutsup :\
Tied_Gagged under arrest124 viewsSorry but no South American DiD asses allowed on this vast empire.12/27/07 at 03:31PPNSteve: guest users can't remove pics.. link me to the...
What would CharizardMaster give Flannery for Christmas?85 viewsPPN Christmas 200712/22/07 at 02:54PPNSteve: What no BestBuy tag?
Ha Ha365 viewsFlannery, CharizardMaster and Shin Goji were roasting marshellows BUT there was no fire.So Flannery took her baby Vulpix and Shin ran as fast as he could to snatch LatiDog and she burned him. Just to get back at him for commenting that 50 pics of her on PPN was annoying.12/20/07 at 05:07PPNSteve: moar peoples equals moar pics and stuff
PPNsteve127 viewsthe Webmaster12/08/07 at 11:03PPNSteve: o.o
Shin talks with PPNsteve86 viewsShin: Why did you only let unlogged in users not post comments!?12/08/07 at 11:03PPNSteve: to help limit spam..
Cloverfield45 viewshttp://www.slashfilm.com/
12/03/07 at 06:52PPNSteve: and now he's deleted and banned.
Stupid Imposter95 viewsI will be making a sprite in honor of Lily.08/19/07 at 21:31PPNSteve: hey..if you find someone logging in on your accoun...
all washed up.jpg
Ash169 viewsbad new guys...if your not logged in the you can't post comments...still have the internet though..not very exciting since i'm not a member here though...i miss you guys and i'm planning on getting registered as soon as i get a new email...-Amber04/02/07 at 04:10PPNSteve: hi
green hill zone part 160 viewsfirst level ive ever made...i think i did pretty good if i might say so myself02/23/07 at 15:20PPNSteve: this owns.. great job.. can't wait for your other ...
Happy Valentines Day from PPN87 viewsValentine Card02/13/07 at 14:40PPNSteve:
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