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Pokemon Palace Network49 viewsPPN!01/31/07 at 05:19PPNSteve: hey that looks familar!!
Lookin' Out88 viewsOkay, this is my cat Oliver. I took this picture while he was lying down on my chest. We were being lazy. Umm... this picture is like the most view on my DA account. I dunno why, but I guess people like it? 01/29/07 at 14:24PPNSteve: meow!
Hao girl57 viewsI was done with this picture at 3:34 AM. I just had trouble sleeping..... again. it turned out really good compared to how I usually draw. the hardest part was coloring it. I really wanted to murder the pencles. the cross and red ribbons are in the picture just cause I thought it would look pretty, but the ribbons were soooo much fun, and I couldn't sop!! hope you like it.01/29/07 at 08:49PPNSteve: great pic.. you did an awesome job!
154 views12/07/06 at 05:00PPNSteve: thats an awesome image!
249 views11/12/05 at 23:45PPNSteve: nice scan
secret message..JPG
MESSAGE!97 views08/26/05 at 10:18PPNSteve: why yes it does!
Pokemon Advendure 15637 views08/25/05 at 22:28PPNSteve: awesome.. nice additions
claws!88 viewscat: fear me!-cat thing08/08/05 at 10:43PPNSteve: meOW!!!
1032 views04/26/05 at 20:38: Nice, very nice pic of May/Haruka. I love it!
pokemon green in english1243 viewsgreen fake or real fake or real02/10/05 at 23:19PPNSteve: yeah it looks like a Chinese Rip-Off copy...
PPN XMas Card757 viewsOur Christmas card.

From PPN to ALL of you!
12/12/04 at 07:23: i hope u didn't see it anywhere but PPN or pokecom...
rave groove adventure from poke gal1101 viewsrave groove adventure cool huh??from poke gal.12/12/04 at 00:47PPNSteve: nice pic, i really like this
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