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kasumi death12337 viewskasumi09/05/04 at 20:19PPNSteve: "did little misty get a booboo? ahhhh, poor m...
455 views07/17/04 at 20:19PPNSteve: Ok .. it's a pichu... (now lets not bash the artis...
Ninja Meowth875 viewsWhen I got all obsessed over making all kinda of anime characters into naruto like Ninjas a ninja meowth as one of them!
Watch as he attacks you with his "Polka O Dolka no Jutsu!" XD
07/17/04 at 20:16PPNSteve: Ninja Meowth!! hmmm, Watch out - his Polka-O-Dolka...
Mewtwo, Mewtwo1043 viewsmy fave pokemon. Old pic. Old style of Lynx. But still mine.07/17/04 at 20:13PPNSteve: Dude that pic is awesome!! great job!
Mewtwo by Pokekiller.JPG
A little Mewtwo pic630 viewsOK, This is my second picture i upload on this site. I done it from a website and began to Draw it. As you will se there are many line... I heavent got time to Color it or do a better pic...07/17/04 at 20:12PPNSteve: Even not finished it looks great!
732 views07/17/04 at 20:11PPNSteve: Pika-oth!!
Sky High Dragonite655 viewsThis is arguably one of my best pieces and it showcases my favorite pokemon, Dragonite! As you can tell, alot seems to be going on in the picture. I dunno about you but it looks like he's about to fight something. =P05/05/04 at 09:55PPNSteve: wow!! awsome pic
Snow-chan and snow860 viewsMy friend and her creation( a snow eevee)..fun to draw ^_^04/30/04 at 19:04PPNSteve: Love this pic!! it's so well done and that rainbow...
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