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Adventures of the lake fairys Episode3578 views07/27/07 at 11:43Mew Lover!: o (...) yer laik still here O_O
HallowIII Avi Art.74 viewsHee hee. It just came out so great. ^-^07/27/07 at 11:35Mew Lover!: DESU DESU DESU ooh CHI DESU
SPECIAL k?! 78 views"OH MAI GOD?! THIS IS FOR SPECIAL PPL! oohhh sad face ):"07/27/07 at 11:34Mew Lover!: I'm going to kill CEREAL!
Adventures of the lake fairys Episode3578 views07/27/07 at 11:34Mew Lover!: Wario ware was funny. X3 I like when the guy intro...
Poke-Family Guy68 viewsI couldn't find a character for Peter, so I used an Anaconda07/27/07 at 02:33Mew Lover!: omfg O.O
"Supporting Me"50 viewsits a cool song from a sonic game.. wanted to upload the lyrics before but couldnt for some reason.. anyways heres the song.. ill include a link for anyone who wants to listen to it (scroll down the the bottom.. its around there)

I'm gonna be desperate,
Never lose, hurry, never lose, hurry.

I believe in my future, farewell to the shadow,
It was my place to live, but now I need your hand.
Lead me out with your light, I have breathed in,
The disgusting air of darkness, but I never lose out.

To the pressure, everything's just like,
An illusion, I'll be losing you, before long...

I never lose my confidence,
I know you were supporting me,
Supporting me, supporting me,
I'll be losing you before long.
07/26/07 at 00:49Mew Lover!: Cooleth.
54 views07/26/07 at 00:38Mew Lover!: LETS ALL GO INTO TOWNS >D
54 views07/26/07 at 00:33Mew Lover!: O.O nuu not actually. It's a punch line or som...
54 views07/26/07 at 00:31Mew Lover!: mwahaha >:3 CRISTINA JUST SIGNED IN
54 views07/26/07 at 00:30Mew Lover!: Trust me if you took off the clothes there would s...
43 views07/26/07 at 00:26Mew Lover!: awww the guy in the bottom right corner :3
54 views07/26/07 at 00:25Mew Lover!: I want his outfit.
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