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...244 views...11/24/04 at 22:33jynx: Anything with blonde hair and pink/red clothes...
Baby vulpix~433 views...11/24/04 at 22:31jynx: I'm a girl
new trainer?824 views11/24/04 at 22:23jynx: doom, she's a Jynx morph!
Baby vulpix~433 views...11/20/04 at 18:17jynx: coz they r my fav! ^^
Baby vulpix~433 views...11/18/04 at 17:42jynx: so many what? ^^"
aku_XDchicorita193 views...10/30/04 at 16:33jynx: computer--mouse+oekakies
Pokemon DS Racing.jpg
Pokémon Racing - Nintendo DS832 viewsTitle screen of the Pokémon Racing game for the Nintendo DS. Use your collection of Pokémon in races and other battles of skill with friends using the wireless connectivity of the Nintendo DS!10/18/04 at 20:23jynx: Is this real? Wow!
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