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LOL -Champ528 viewsthey do this when no1 is looking lol01/22/08 at 01:16kyros: squirrel wars:uh......ACORNZ!!!
misty looking weird185 views01/22/08 at 00:59kyros: ..For a second there i thought that was Luffy from...
000022.jpg645 viewsoh hrika ha a bad hair day so pachu zap her and hikara has a bad hair day.01/22/08 at 00:54kyros: Just color it and Dawn will look like Yugi from Yu...
418 views12/23/07 at 03:41kyros: -_-'*wispers*pervs.....
cloud and aerith88 views12/23/07 at 03:39kyros: you freaking idiot! thats Roxas and Namine!
pokemon ppl1367 views-wdg12/23/07 at 03:32kyros: -_-' stfu morons...there are kids on this site...
Pokemon Zircon or Girasol version301 viewsGiratina ROCKS!!!10/04/07 at 05:19kyros: i want that game (...) badly.
Ash and Misty654 viewsThis is a picture of Ash and Misty getting merriage!!!10/04/07 at 05:13kyros: may is a b***h.
260 views08/21/07 at 02:08kyros: HOLY ******* ****!!!!
mill. 1.JPG
seviper tomb498 viewsby chris man07/21/07 at 07:01kyros: farking chew?
mario79 views07/21/07 at 06:57kyros: boobies
nicktoons and pokemon unite1092 viewsfor songeboblover-mm7207/17/07 at 23:21kyros: POKEMASTER IS A ASSTARD
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