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Dr. Mario meets the "solar eclipse" Virus143 viewsEverywhere is the CoViD-19 Virus called "corona"... A corona you see on a full solar eclipse, so I gonna call it the "solar eclipse virus" and the "solar eclipse desease".
In medical language the virus should be called: "obscuratus solis virum" and the infectious desease "obscuratus solis morbus".

04/19/20 at 20:18Dr. Mario: Thank you! Very Happy
Dr. Mario presents99 viewsPriest Ash and measuring servant Misty.

Pfarrer Ash und Messdienerin Misty.
01/19/09 at 03:00Dr. Mario: Hello Charizard Master and crystal cris! I wish yo...
Dr. Mario presents107 viewsA package for Charizard Master10/09/08 at 21:57Dr. Mario: Exclamation Hello Charizard master. The equipment company ...
Dr. Mario presents95 viewsThe second "real" Dr. Mario10/05/08 at 23:31Dr. Mario: Hello Charizard Master. The white coat arrived now...
Dr. Mario presents95 viewsHikari in my medical practice.
I think, the illness am called
lovesickness (Infectus Amor)

Hikari zur Untersuchung bei mir.
Ich vermute die Krankeit
08/28/08 at 20:37Dr. Mario: She is Ok, but against her lovesickness I have unf...
Dr. Mario presents95 viewsThe second "real" Dr. Mario08/21/08 at 18:39Dr. Mario: OK Covenent_Zero. Wink ------ Charizard master, I w...
Dr. Mario presents95 viewsThe second "real" Dr. Mario08/20/08 at 19:25Dr. Mario: So? (Dr. Mario opens a medicine glass) Covenent_Ze...
Godzilla184 views07/21/08 at 00:28Dr. Mario: > Sieht beinahe so aus...
Dr. Mario presents78 viewsMy Doctoral thesis07/20/08 at 22:35Dr. Mario: You don't have a doctoral thesis and you'r...
Awkward Situation202 viewsF29: Thanks SatoHaruLover for the AdvanceShipping pics07/15/08 at 00:57Dr. Mario: Hm... If Ash had carried a diaper, he would have s...
Dr. Mario presents60 viewsTV-News from Hyrule06/24/08 at 01:07Dr. Mario: Hmmm!... Very Happy Very Happy Yes, this I also think...
Dr. Mario presents78 viewsJames wants to give Ash an enema.

James will Ash einen medizinischen Einlauf machen.
06/23/08 at 23:21Dr. Mario: Okeydokey DeusEXmachyna.... Smile
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