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Tranpinch Dance106 views05/23/09 at 01:05AngryGermanKid: Gehen Sie jetzt weg! (Now go away!)
angel2145 views07/26/08 at 02:33AngryGermanKid: Wie kommt es, dass Leute denken, dass PPN nirgends...
Prophecy88 viewsThis is an unique item called the Prophecy, Also known as the future teller or prediction. Some Prophecie's are big as a baseball and some are big as your head. Whatever happens inside the prophecy is meant to happen in a point of time in the future. Even though it small size, it cannot break. The only way to break a prophecy is to stop was is going to happen in it, also unfulfilling the events. Whenever a Prophecy is fulfilled it turns opposite color and doesnt break but just leaves a small crack.07/20/08 at 11:20AngryGermanKid: interessant
Badger931 viewsbadger, badger, badger... mushroom, mushroom...07/20/08 at 11:16AngryGermanKid: Dachs Dachs Dachs Dachs Dachs Dachs Dachs Dachs Da...
check this vid103 viewsThis video was made by PakkunPerson1001, if he can make a good vid, so can I.

07/20/08 at 11:14AngryGermanKid: Das Video war urkomisch. Aber warum t...
WTFurryBunnies?! XXXDDD45 views07/20/08 at 11:11AngryGermanKid:
Godzilla170 views07/20/08 at 11:09AngryGermanKid: Godzilla CGI = episches Meisterwerk des Misserfolg...
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