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Movie 3- Pikachu Bros- Celestial-Artemis46 viewsTHIS IS NOT MINE!

Its by a friend of mine of DA. Celestial-Artemis (which, btw, i'm still not sure if that person is a girl or not >.>) But i thought it was amazing so i decided to show all of you here. I think its fantastic, which her whole gallery (XD All 6 devation) is.

I 'member this scene. But one thing i never knew... which pichu is the older one and which is the younger one? o.0
12/03/07 at 06:12Mew Lover!: o_O...My best guess was always that they were twin...
May tied up and gagged359 viewsfor broly11/05/07 at 14:55Mew Lover!: Obviously edited...stupid bondage freaks.
Adventures of the lake fairys Episode45184 viewsNight fell and the legendary pokemon gaurded their choosen gym gals.
Zapdos-Misty / Mesprit-Erika / Moltres-Sabrina / Articuno-Lorelei / Darkrai-Agatha / Raikou-Janine / Entei-Whitney / Suicune-Jasmine / Rayquaza-Clair / Regirock-Roxanne / Registeel-Winona / Deoxys-Liza(tate from death) / Ho Oh Lugia Regigigas-Lucy Greta Anabel / Latios Latias Regice-Phoebe Glacia / Shaymin-Gardenia / Uxie-Maylene / Cresselia-Fantina / Rootor-Candice / Groudon-Bertha / Azelf-Cynthia. Meanwhile the Bootlegger defends the hottest.
10/20/07 at 21:43Mew Lover!: .... ugh.
Who will Win?125 viewsKansaibou or ShadowX99110/06/07 at 22:32Mew Lover!: wtf?
Rider76 views10/06/07 at 22:31Mew Lover!: Pervert. >w>...
CharizardMaster versus ShadowX991167 viewshes the one who violated Flannery!

10/02/07 at 05:33Mew Lover!: wtf indeed...o.O
aaawwww1574 views10/01/07 at 17:43Mew Lover!: :sweat: omg.
mls yamikari55 viewsi drew yamikari for ml.. yeah yeah i know i screwed up.. but at least the bg fits10/01/07 at 17:41Mew Lover!: Meee!
Light's writing66 viewsL's a damn critique. X310/01/07 at 17:34Mew Lover!: Why does Light talk to L in a soothing voice? o.o;
ARK48 viewsshadow picture before tragedy of ark10/01/07 at 01:09Mew Lover!: omg I sucked D:
40 views07/31/07 at 19:47Mew Lover!: XD awesome
Adventures of the lake fairys Episode3578 views07/27/07 at 11:53Mew Lover!: ok
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