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Pika_Book_Color292 viewsOooh damn I found the most crapiest Color-Pens, I sure buy some new meterial for me artwork.
But I tried :)
Enjoy my no-Pokemon with Guns pic!
11/10/04 at 20:55pokekiller: I don't have any good tools, If i just had some be...
Pikachu With Book327 viewsI done this just for you guys! I know you like Pokémons so I done this for ya! You see? I can do more kind of pics than Pokemon With Guns but the PWG pics are much funier to upload becuase Iäm not a Pokemon Fan really...

This pic took me about 15 minuted to do multiple sketches and the lineart.

And Pikachu sits at grass, It might look like Spikes but i really never tried to do grass, hehe =)

Enjoy this pic!

PS. I won't change my NickName just becuase this pic :)
11/10/04 at 20:53pokekiller: Sure Mew6, Well I don't know how old you guys are ...
Ash looking at Misty in a bikini.jpg
Mistys HOT2844 viewsmisty11/09/04 at 11:34pokekiller: Hehe nice pic
PokeWar copy.jpg
PokeWar288 viewsA tip a got from a dude. Thanks ;)11/07/04 at 23:15pokekiller: yes, thats true =^_^=
Dittoeoxys677 viewslook its dittoeoxys the ultra-rare pokemon it can turn into any pokemon at any level you want with the status you want for attack 999 etc11/07/04 at 23:10pokekiller: This is the most sucking sucking suck (...) i ever...
my weedle437 views11/07/04 at 23:07pokekiller: (...) you who ever write tghe comment with no Name...
Pikatchu with MP40.JPG
Pikatchu with a german MP40610 viewsHey there! This is a little pic i done... it was a time ago i draw a pokemon last so this may be crap for some of you. IF dun know what weapon he carries its a German Mp40 from World War 211/07/04 at 23:05pokekiller: Haha, it there no people over 13 here? I'm 13 and ...
Pichu Thunderbolt!476 viewsA picture of a cute Pichu using a thunderbolt attack.11/07/04 at 23:03pokekiller: Hmm.. I don't know what I should say, good or bad....
Got Milk?890 viewsI dunno... I just found this pic and though it was funny...10/18/04 at 09:53pokekiller: Pretty funny, But can you please do a pic by your ...
PikaAAwinner copy.jpg
Pikachu AA379 viewsPikachu as a American soldier, holding a weapon i have designed.. or is it designed at all ;). AA have won a battle but nor against what.. hehe. Just got a idea about this pic and draw it and i was getting better as i thought it would be!10/18/04 at 09:45pokekiller: Noh Noh, This pic os very well done! Please do a p...
Moewht YURI -First.JPG
MOEWTH as Yuri304 viewsThis was my first finished Moewth picture. This isnt much Yuri, just the loggo on hes head, nothing more. Soon I'll create a new one with more details10/18/04 at 09:44pokekiller: I know this one sucks ass, You know... Practice ma...
Pikachu With Rocket Launcher 2247 viewsI done another Pikachu with Rocket pic now, Much better but the eyes are pretty big... :)

I sure do more pikachu with Rocket pix, It's really funny to draw and easy :)

10/18/04 at 09:42pokekiller: Nope but I my arts, Pikachu are a soldier like man...
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