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Kankuro56 viewsKankuro is the middle child of Kamekaze, he fears Gaara terribly and when Gaara isn't around he bullies people mindlessly. He uses the puppet that is wrapped up on his back in his jutsus. he may be over-confident, but he is not to be underestimated.04/28/07 at 01:23ash_and_misty_forever: He Looks LIke a Cat People If You Haven't Noticed ...
may125 viewsmax04/18/07 at 15:37ash_and_misty_forever: OMG MAY IS GIRLY AT LEAST MISTY COULD STICK UP FOR...
May being devoured337 viewsmay's christmas eve dinner04/18/07 at 15:34ash_and_misty_forever: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH I COULN'T WAIT FOR HER TO LE...
pokemon live2144 views04/16/07 at 06:51ash_and_misty_forever: there is something very wrong with that picture
218 views04/16/07 at 00:18ash_and_misty_forever: stop it your scaring Gaara
1520 viewsMisty in the HoSo Special "Misty And Luvdisc! Love Battle!"04/12/07 at 04:27ash_and_misty_forever: whats up with that outfit she wears it fo like one...
OMG! They'd kissed804 viewsI knew this was a cut scene.
ot really I'd edit it :P

But a guy can wish it did.
04/11/07 at 16:06ash_and_misty_forever: omg if you dint know this is edited your and idiot
Ash holding Misty1174 viewsI like this couple! I hate these pairings:Ash+Gary. Ash+Brock. Ash+James and most of all Ash+May. I of cuorse hate Yaoih, and any gay junk. I also hate Misty+Brock. Misty+Gary and so on. I also hate Sora+Riku pairings too. That is sick! EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!
fROM OF COURSE -Secret Anon
04/07/07 at 05:22ash_and_misty_forever: i love them together them and they are the perfect...
mnd_suit .jpg
Hot tub may1052 viewswho da man?

by quickdude
04/07/07 at 05:19ash_and_misty_forever: OMG her head is inflated
May In a green dress. -Kite1222 viewsKite:....wow.....that's hot. I can't believe I found this pic.04/07/07 at 05:12ash_and_misty_forever: ok thats just plain uh... freaky
506 views03/29/07 at 04:57ash_and_misty_forever: look at brocks face
They're blushing ^.^ - ashy345 viewsMhm, That's right, I'd edit this one to be SUPER ADVANCESHIPPY03/29/07 at 04:46ash_and_misty_forever: OMG that is so not real I saw the movie and they d...
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