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neji comic83 views07/21/07 at 03:46cereal yay!!: i just saw this pic 5 minutes ago.... hehe
Blue May132 views- Flame Faerie06/29/07 at 21:28cereal yay!!: you know?? in one of the episodes, one of drew'...
Throws up97 views06/29/07 at 20:41cereal yay!!: ??????????????????????
naruto41 views06/27/07 at 03:30cereal yay!!: neji"s team came up twice.....hehe
...114 viewsI think.... they're realated.......06/13/07 at 15:47cereal yay!!: same to what happened to my friend.... i think he ...
Naruto: Shippūden the Movie146 viewsThe movie will take place during Naruto: Shippūden. According to teasers in issue 20 of Weekly Shonen Jump, Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, Neji Hyuga, Rock Lee, and Choji Akimichi will be the main characters. The only detail about the plot given is the vague headline that "Naruto dies." In the trailers, Naruto is attacked by ten figures, all of whom glow dark purple and can fire similarly-colored energy blasts. His headband is cut off during the attack, and his attempt to form a Spiraling Sphere fails. Naruto's friends are seen standing around a gravestone in the following scene, his torn headband hanging from one edge.06/12/07 at 03:05cereal yay!!: i posted this already... but who cares!! hehe! and...
33 views06/08/07 at 15:50cereal yay!!: i just found it on the internet...........whoa
naruto shippuden movie pic!38 viewsthis sucks! naruto dies in the movie! suck that! yay!05/31/07 at 15:43cereal yay!!: nope not kidding i read the summary of it............
33 views05/31/07 at 02:47cereal yay!!: this episode was funny
697 views05/14/07 at 15:53cereal yay!!: not that person looks like ash but its really this...
68 views04/30/07 at 02:42cereal yay!!: uh thats ok dont have to say that
68 views04/29/07 at 03:42cereal yay!!: thanks guys!!!!!!!
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