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Last comments - Kingdra
128 views01/20/06 at 22:12Kingdra: So there is coming game where you can play as poke...
82 views01/20/06 at 22:11Kingdra: Cool!
pokemon green in english1237 viewsgreen fake or real fake or real09/08/05 at 17:47Kingdra: Green really exist. But its not turned english. th...
come back.JPG
Sharpeedock437 viewsthis is the rest of sharpedo's body.09/07/05 at 13:01Kingdra: 3rd it looks ...
Aggticuno696 viewsAggron+Articuno09/07/05 at 12:59Kingdra: Noticer is right, it can't fly... its too fat...
5506 Banner2.jpg
My Banner186 viewsIts Cool08/20/05 at 22:40Kingdra: Is this a joke from fire emblem?????
LOL -Champ540 viewsthey do this when no1 is looking lol08/20/05 at 22:31Kingdra: So they dont bite off the finger they cut it off!!...
Team Aqua992 viewsThey totally suk.... I like Magma better...08/15/05 at 16:12Kingdra: TEAM AQUA RULES!!!!!!!!! MAGMA IS FROM ASS!
Whit comic.JPG
Whit and Sephiroth214 viewsDon't mess with Sephiroth!07/05/05 at 19:34Kingdra:
Yaaaaaaaahh!!!318 viewsCant touch this!07/05/05 at 19:32Kingdra: ha ha
..:: My Marill Gurl ::..1980 viewsI created this on Adobe Photoshop one day. It was really fun...and I think it's a pretty cute pic.....^^)10/23/04 at 21:23Kingdra:
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