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Day of the Wobbachu266 viewsA short one-page anime style comic I made.08/08/07 at 22:24Sapphire: Laughing
pkmn battle.png
115 views06/30/07 at 05:44Sapphire: pikachu is fat.
Eggs117 viewsMisty's egg loving problem, rub of on Brock06/11/07 at 23:18Sapphire: Laughing
Click on it! It moves! I hope...............125 viewsMay want to get Drew,06/06/07 at 02:29Sapphire: Looks like May wants to kill Drew.
703 views05/24/07 at 21:03Sapphire: Looks like Misty is trying to kill Richy.
80 views05/20/07 at 05:51Sapphire: I don't play the card game, becuase it's t...
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