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Dark Magician194 viewsthat is my favourite! -redMar 11, 2007
Pokemon Girasol Version406 viewsThis is my idea of GirasolMar 10, 2007
cool zim.jpg
Zim and Gir208 views-Dark HateMar 10, 2007
-Dark Hate122 viewsMar 01, 2007
wild pillup!.JPG
wild pillup!207 viewsthe wild pokemon is the pillup is needed to battle so the trannner has that pokemon!Feb 19, 2007
the mlee battle of krby.JPG
the mlee battle of krby.jpg151 viewsThe fight is on! Kirby is having a huge and big battle of the fighting warss. So the pokemon is winning or mario or the kirbys win so find out! next time on pokemon!Feb 19, 2007
new fake pokemon games.JPG
new fake pokemon games.jpg364 viewsthis is the fake pokemon game are like ranger ruby a sappern and emrlad and were pre-ordering the fake games are coming to march 13 2007. that's right. and don't buy the game! it's bad! it's fake game!Feb 19, 2007
pokemon lighting bolt yellow verson.JPG
pokemon lighting bolt yellow verson.jpg143 viewspokemon lighting bolt yellow is abiut the fake game so it's the dimond perl in shonnis leguge and it's like the pokemon ruby and sappern verson and may and her pillup's is that i made like ruby sappern and emrlad and rang just the way it is so don't let anyone get this game! cause it's bad it's fake game!Feb 18, 2007
may and her pilup_s.JPG
may and her pilup's.jpg204 viewsmay and pilup's on the atvetures to the kronge gym. of the hyounta's battle.Feb 18, 2007
pilup_s evoling.JPG
pilup's evoling.jpg126 viewsoh my! pilup's evoling!Feb 18, 2007
pikachu v.s pikachu krby.JPG
pikachu v.s pikachu kriby.jpg170 viewspikachuv.s pikachu kriby! who would win? so find out! next time!Feb 18, 2007
fake fralagator.JPG
fake fralagator.jpg592 viewsoh my god! a fake wild fralagaron! whoa! that's fake!Feb 18, 2007
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