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pokedex Rorek.png
Pokemon Rorek1616 viewsThis is all about Rorek when hes been captured and the earth is back in peace again forever and the next picture will be Roreks good side.Oct 26, 2005
Rorek578 viewsThe evilest pokemon is awaked thanks to Ash.Oct 22, 2005
Pokemon Jap. Cartidige Box329 views-E&UOct 19, 2005
Date1214 viewsBy:dOct 12, 2005
Little Root town on fire red and leaf green357 viewsOct 12, 2005
388 viewsOct 09, 2005
mill. 1.JPG
seviper tomb498 viewsby chris manSep 10, 2005
mill. 3.JPG
millenium battle937 viewsby chris manSep 10, 2005
mill. 4.JPG
champion ash' lair...684 viewsby chris manSep 10, 2005
mill. 2.JPG
millenium frontier, and the trainers u can choose453 viewsby chris manSep 10, 2005
mill 4.JPG
champion ash wants to battle!!! millenium pic675 viewsby chris manSep 10, 2005
millenia screen.JPG
title screen for millenia version482 viewsby chris manSep 09, 2005
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