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Gothic Power76 viewsThis form of energy is the polar opposite of Aura. Giratina the lord of Renegation and Death created Gothic Power after his bannishment. The energy comes from those consumed by hate and revenge and the strength can wipe out Central Park. but the Leviah Power is far more powerful, it can shatter the Gothic power to a never existance.Jan 20, 2008
Charizards can learn SolarBeam103 viewssolarbeam is a grass move that causes large damage to Rock, Ground, Water.Jan 12, 2008
Giratina's Bannishment123 viewsDialga: You have threatened the order of humanity, and betrayed your fellow gods.

Palkia: Not to mention breaking the trinity of the dragons, you have made Arceus your own FATHER!

Arceus: I am still here, my two favorites wanted to help me with your punishment, but it'll be my face you can see in your nightmares.

Dialga: What have you to say for your self?

Giratina: I have nothing to say but you can’t rule over me.

Palkia: Yet it is this council that rules over you today.

Giratina: You rule over nothing, the three fairys are gone now, nothing can change that, everything must burn only then can an Epic Darkness begin.

Palkia: Choose a path to madness?

Dialga: You take it from here my Lord.

Arceus: For your treachery, for trying to murder your cousins and stealing the red chain that control your fellow dragons, I banish you to the lowest cave in the entire Sinnoh region. You’re no long a third member of the dragon trio.

Giratina: Mark my words, when there is a good god, there’s always a bad god.
Jan 02, 2008
Prophecy88 viewsThis is an unique item called the Prophecy, Also known as the future teller or prediction. Some Prophecie's are big as a baseball and some are big as your head. Whatever happens inside the prophecy is meant to happen in a point of time in the future. Even though it small size, it cannot break. The only way to break a prophecy is to stop was is going to happen in it, also unfulfilling the events. Whenever a Prophecy is fulfilled it turns opposite color and doesnt break but just leaves a small crack.Dec 04, 2007
eevee sprites1066 viewsPokemon Mystery Dungeon sprites for my favorite, EEVEE! Mine is named Sapphire in this game.Nov 21, 2007
Kyogre Spirtes89 viewsMystery DungeonNov 04, 2007
Flannery ID card in Diamond Pearl147 viewslove itSep 20, 2007
Pokemon Zircon or Girasol version301 viewsGiratina ROCKS!!!Sep 10, 2007
Boltias PokeDex info296 viewsSep 05, 2007
What the?536 viewsWhats Flannery doing in the Hall of Origin?Sep 01, 2007
Pokemon Guide:Lavaridge Town Gym171 viewsTo helpAug 14, 2007
mario cart96 viewsJul 25, 2007
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