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MoonlightShipping (retold)63 viewsF29: During the Reign, Kansaibou saved Lisa when she was stuck in one of the fridges. Then when he was talking with Surge and PokemonMaster, Lisa started to like Kan watching him from behind a fridge. After Kan gaved out his word to the users outside PPN, He saw her and he started to like her. As one of Dubya's men was gonna git Lisa, Kan turned to his demon form and stopped him, Lisa then figured that Kan cared for her. After the trial, Kan and Lisa dated under the moon and stars beginning their shipping.Apr 01, 2008
Pokemon Prisoners Page 3 (end)550 viewsF29: I went to Super Tails Heroes site and found this, he says that he didn't put this on DeviantArt because his fans would hate him. Its quite funny though.Mar 30, 2008
Me and the fat man rescue Yellow85 views- StewieMar 29, 2008
Godzilla and Ash rescue May141 viewsF29: For the ****, and SatoHaruLoverMar 25, 2008
How PPNs Final Conflict would have ended...35 viewsF29: Shin-Goji would die under the rubble like Leonidas when the persians shot arrows at him. But before that, Shin told Boltia that if he didn't come back, Boltia would finish Shin book and lead the Kaiju. Barely a month later, Boltia led Shin's army against AnimeExpansions just as Dilos did for the battle of Plataea.Mar 25, 2008
DaigoXHaruka/StevenXMay43 viewsFrom PPN User: Cheeky

I wouldn't let me into my account because of the stupid ' human confirmation '
Mar 23, 2008
Adventures of the Lake Fairys episode200173 viewsF29: this is the last episode of the entire series FOR GOOD!

Mar 21, 2008
Adventures of the Lake Fairys episode19949 viewsProfile of GiratinaMar 21, 2008
Adventures of the Lake Fairys episode19874 viewsProfile of PPNsteveMar 21, 2008
Adventures of the Lake Fairys episode19753 viewsProfile of DubyaMar 21, 2008
Adventures of the Lake Fairys episode19644 viewsProfile of Elvis PresleyMar 20, 2008
Adventures of the Lake Fairys episode19547 viewsprofile of ZarohorMar 19, 2008
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