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Adventures of the Lake Fairys episode18161 viewsMar 10, 2008
CharizrdMaster's and Ashes ending179 viewsCharizardMaster went to the beach party and the girls digged him. Ash and May decided to sing on AmericanIdol, because AshFanGirl's dead.

rest of the Cast:
D-Mizton : Hally Barry
Judge Noctowl : Judge Mathis
Winona : Amy Birnbaum
Shelly : Bella Hudson
Tied_Gagged : Carlos Mencia
Mar 07, 2008
Adventures of the lake fairys episode180128 viewsEndings 3

Shin-Goji, DiD lord Shin-Goji : Sean McGuiness
Space-Hojo : Howard Williams
GreenMary : Michella Ongaro
Flannery, Lisa : Lisa Ortiz
Phantom Kansaibou : Jason Marsden
Boltia : Dante Basco
Acroqua : Charles Kimbrough
Volnix : Demi Moore
Herbipede : Jason Alexander
Ravnosphere : Kevin Kline
Shaymin : Judith Barsi
CharizardMaster : Jesse Spencer
Emperor Quintana : Hayden Christianson
Darkrai : Tobey Maguire
Cresselia : Kristen Dunst
Rayzadon : Jonathan Freeman
Rootor : Robin Williams
Princess Lilo : Daveigh Chase
PokemonMaster : Maile Flanagan
Mesprit :Cathy Cavadini
Azelf : E.G. Daily
Uxie : Tara Strong
Sloopy Joe : Ernest Borgine
Chompps : Tim Conway
Gabera : himself
Detalios : himself
Elvis : himself
Arceus, Shinto-Goji : Val Kilmer
Mura : Ian McKellen
Ash, May, Kira : Veronica Taylor
AshFanGirl : Monique
Richard : Cameron Davis(before trial), Devon Werkheiser(after trial)
Dubya : Tony Jay
Broly : Topher Grace
Giratina, Surge, Rorek : Dan Green
Dragmir : Frollo's guard who Achillies sits on
Hiwutsup : Jayonni
LandoCalrissian : Eddie Murphy
F29 : George Basore (director)
Mar 07, 2008
Adventures of the lake fairys episode179105 viewsendings 2Mar 07, 2008
Adventures of the Lake Fairys 179124 viewsold plan failed, now new planMar 06, 2008
Adventures of the lake fairys episode178130 viewsEndings 1Mar 06, 2008
Adventures of the lake fairys episode177110 viewsBroly goes back to Hell. Richard becomes the archdeacon. Emperor Quintana asks Flannery to go out with him.Mar 06, 2008
Adventures of the lake fairys episode176118 viewsPPN vs Anime Expansions 11 end

Dubya goes to the Quintana prison for 12 years.
And Weight-Gain will die like DiD, Vore, P*rn did.
Mar 05, 2008
Adventures of the lake fairys episode175118 viewsPPN vs AnimeExpansions 10Mar 04, 2008
Adventures of the lake fairys episode174119 viewsPPN vs AnimeExpansions 9Mar 04, 2008
Adventures of the lake fairys episode17389 viewsArceus approches the trial with an old friend.Mar 04, 2008
Adventures of the lake fairys episode172115 viewsPPN vs AnimeExpansions 7Mar 02, 2008
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