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Adventures of the lake fairys commercial 2103 viewsI got the idea after seeing that black + white pic.Mar 06, 2008
Adventures of the lake fairys commerical 1116 viewsKool-AidFeb 24, 2008
Shin-Goji vs Broly II66 viewsNow they'll fight once more.
Music: And he shall smite the wicked "Hunchback of Notre Dame"
Gothic Monsters "X-ray Dog"
Feb 19, 2008
Shin Goji vs Broly I67 viewsthe first time they fought, their conflict decided PPN's future.Feb 18, 2008
For them178 viewshiwutsup, LukeAtmey, Kenshiro, Nozomu, LandoCalrissian, and LatidogFeb 08, 2008
Godzilla Blasting LukeAtmey126 viewsthis is what I meant. (Lisa wasnt harmed, but untied)Jan 16, 2008
Godzilla kicked my Dog148 viewsGodzilla: Good morning.
Luke: No its evening.
Godzilla: Who are you?
Luke: This is LukeAtmey. I was just calling today because I live down the street from you and Lisa came by and kicked my dog, So I tied her up.
Godzilla: Man, dont torcher young women.
Luke: I have to.
Godzilla: Stop whinning.
Luke: But I...
Godzilla: STOP IT!!!
Luke: you b*terd
Jan 16, 2008
LukeAtmey owned128 viewsa TKT traditonJan 13, 2008
Gojis offer to C.Master248 viewsbad girls bad girls what che gonna do when I come for you?Dec 30, 2007
Remastered poster of PPNs Final Conflict155 viewsSince Shin Goji was the real hero of the story, I made the remastered version of the Poster.Dec 24, 2007
CharizardMaster and Flannerys vacation to the bahamas222 viewsShin: well well well, isnt it the very cute and hot gym leader and her best fan/bodyguard?
Boltia: we come here every winter.
Flannery: CMaster I wanna Ice cream.
CharizardMaster: Coming right up!
Dec 16, 2007
Pokemon Palace Networks Final Conflict: Shin Goji's army128 views"They might take their will, but there's one thing they'll never take, their freedom!"Dec 08, 2007
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