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Last additions - Wallpapers & Buddy Icons
the dark ones303 viewsNov 05, 2005
217 viewsNov 05, 2005
Rattata wallpaper.jpg
Rattata Wallpaper332 viewshere is another one i did, this is almost the last ones I've done.

my own drawing and my own made up background, mixed up for a wallpaper for to be used for people and their computers.
Nov 05, 2005
Poochyena wallpaper.jpg
Poochyena Wallpaper383 viewsdrew him and made background. hope u all like to use themNov 05, 2005
Pichu form wallpaper.jpg
Pichu and forms wallpaper488 viewsI drew these and background and hope u all like them and if you want to use for background u mayNov 05, 2005
Misty Wallpaper.jpg
Misty wallpaper524 viewsMisty wallpaper for misty loves, I drew and made backgroundNov 05, 2005
Minun and Plusle Wallpaper.jpg
Minun and Plusle wallpaper642 viewsI also did this one to, drew and made.Nov 05, 2005
Lugia wallpaper.jpg
Lugia wallpaper932 viewsLugia wallpaper for lugia lovers, and I drew this lugia and made the wallpaperNov 05, 2005
Grass starter Wallpaper.jpg
Grass starter wallpaper850 viewsthe Hoenn starter pokemon for a background for u all. I drew these pokemon and did the background also.Nov 05, 2005
Fire Starter pokemon.jpg
Fire starter wallpaper705 viewshere is another wallpaper I've created with my own drawings and my own background image for u all to use.Nov 05, 2005
Bulbasuar form wallpaper.jpg
Bulbasuar and forms Wallpaper630 viewsI made this with my own drawings and backgrounds, I thought all you out there that love Bulbasuar and his forms, u'd love this background i've made.Nov 05, 2005
408 viewsRegiSteel WallpaperOct 19, 2005
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