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Tall wall graphiti!.JPG
Tall wall graphiti!154 viewsA bigger one!-MewloverMay 02, 2005
Surfer!488 viewsI found this on www.nctimes.net.May 02, 2005
Pikachu and raichu.JPG
Pikachu and Raichu465 viewsI found this on nctimes.net.May 02, 2005
misty shes back1214 viewsMay 02, 2005
1126 viewsMay 02, 2005
dani277 viewsMay 02, 2005
may212 viewsMay 02, 2005
Seth Comic2.JPG
Link's Dates102 viewsThat's just wrong...May 02, 2005
Lati Comic 1.JPG
Lati comic238 viewsWhy they are dressed up in the portrait.May 02, 2005
3 PK ^_^168 viewsZapdos & pk. I LOOVE themMay 02, 2005
Master Guardian.jpg
Master Guardian97 viewsThe most powerfull of all guardians. Armed with three Necrolic Hydro blasters and one Hydrogenetical Plasma discus, heļæ½s ready for any battle. This one can give any evil a match, and no matter how hard the battle is, the guardian wont let his friends die. Heļæ½ll fight for their lives.
May 01, 2005
Latigrama91 viewsHere we got him, the lord of the Anicents. More mighty and more powerfull than the emperor will ever be. It“s Latigrama, the anicent lord of evil.
May 01, 2005
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