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Draytini OR Raytrini203 viewsA cute guy--Latias Lover!May 01, 2005
Lento Ending #2: City of Boats193 viewsYes, another pic for your flaming pleasure. and I have officially gone nuts, I have created endings for Lento Legends, in which this is a part of the second one. The japanese word on the boat reads 'wave', in case you were curious.Apr 30, 2005
455 viewswerty is skaring meApr 30, 2005
Family Portrait.JPG
Portait201 viewsI made one! It looks so funny! LOL!!! - Mew loverApr 30, 2005
Glowing Latis.JPG
Glowing Latis115 viewsThis is one of his special abilities. -Mew loverApr 30, 2005
yuyu302 viewsfase hertsApr 30, 2005
Family!!!136 viewsHere! I finally drew The family! I like it! Apr 30, 2005
Family!!!511 viewsHere! I finally drew The family! I like it! Apr 30, 2005
Mateus664 viewsa picture of mateus that i draw on final fantasy tactics advance. --LeeApr 29, 2005
Seth Comic.JPG
Duck!119 viewsa little comic i made with me talking to mew lover -Seth-Apr 29, 2005
Farewell2440 viewsAii says farewell to little MyuutsuuApr 29, 2005
Flame Ball: Lento Ball #1136 viewsHopefully, this picture will meet your approval, as the other ones you just tore me apart over. This is the flame ball, a new Pokeball I created. Please no harsh words...Apr 29, 2005
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