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4142 viewsApr 26, 2005
Ansem and Whit233 viewsYou're heartless...-Seth-Apr 26, 2005
Sora and Whit277 viewsThe Keyblade rocks! -Seth-Apr 26, 2005
Kirby Comic.JPG
Kirby and Whit367 viewsIt's quite dark in there....-Seth-Apr 26, 2005
Mario and Whit292 viewsHaha! -Seth-Apr 26, 2005
the pokemongang.jpg
Pokemon gang228 viewsAsh, Pikachu, Brock, and MistyApr 26, 2005
We need to keep an eye out..JPG
Keep an eye out!342 viewsWe are being careful about taking care of latis. Latios latias and I are watching all our surroundings for the Emperor. We should be completely safe. Or not!!! - Mew LoverApr 26, 2005
Lati Guardian of Peace and Destruction381 viewsthis is my first lati.

-manyula (aka mewtwo xc4/7-lugia)
Apr 26, 2005
Lati Family.JPG
Lati Family!1030 viewsAll the lati's!!!Apr 25, 2005
Character1142 viewsthis is my REAL manga character.

manyula (aka mewtwo xc4/7-lugia)
Apr 25, 2005
Sonic and Whit301 viewsFunny! -Seth-
Apr 25, 2005
Gogo and Whit187 viewsAnother one! -Seth-
Apr 25, 2005
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