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Female Medic297 viewsI was trying to make a female characther, Not Pokemon!Oct 18, 2004
Female Medic189 viewsI was trying to make a Female characther

My currently site... Very small, yet
Oct 18, 2004
Pikachu Patriot254 viewsI just had an Idea about this pic, It was getting pretty good... I think.

I will upload it at
www.freewebs.com/pokemonwithguns in a few days
Oct 18, 2004
Pika Marine Soldier238 viewsA test pic, I was trying to make a pika from other angels
Oct 16, 2004
Pikachu With Rocket Launcher 2257 viewsI done another Pikachu with Rocket pic now, Much better but the eyes are pretty big... :)

I sure do more pikachu with Rocket pix, It's really funny to draw and easy :)

Oct 16, 2004
flaming blastoise.jpg
Flaming Blastoise836 viewsThis blastoise is fired up and ready for battle. LITERALLY!!!Oct 15, 2004
plasma mewtwo.jpg
Plasma Mewtwo475 viewsA Mewtwo with plasma colors (tye-dye). A part of my collection of plasmas. The colors should move but I didn't have an animation program to do so.Oct 11, 2004
1834 viewsOct 08, 2004
1132 viewsOct 08, 2004
Pokemon DS Racing.jpg
Pokémon Racing - Nintendo DS832 viewsTitle screen of the Pokémon Racing game for the Nintendo DS. Use your collection of Pokémon in races and other battles of skill with friends using the wireless connectivity of the Nintendo DS!Oct 06, 2004
aku_XDchicorita193 views...Oct 05, 2004
zubat morph~0.png
aku_zubatmorph145 views...Oct 05, 2004
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