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Pokemon: Lento Legends Screencaps (Ep.9)182 viewsA "screencap" from Pokemon: Lento Legends Episode #9. The battle between Ash and Sarah heats up, when Ash's Newly captured Bunon exhausts itself trying to battle Sarah's Butterfree. Pokemon: Lento Legends 9 was recently released in PPN's fanfics section. Check it out!Apr 20, 2005
Me and candy124 viewsthis is me and my dog candy (see candy in a bee suit by searching "blah")candy is putting her toung on her noseApr 20, 2005
Rukario in the Ice Caps.JPG
Rukario in the Ice Caps235 viewsMew had returned with Pikachu, but where is it in the icy blizzard? Where is Rukario and Regice? Describe where they are and you win a secret prize.Apr 20, 2005
Manga Person185 viewsread the title this is a manga person you hear dont go making fun of it i made this do not use it without my permission he doesnt have a name b'cause i didnt give him one dont go giving me ideas ill think of one eventually thank you.
Apr 19, 2005
Pokemon: Lento Legends Poster 3136 viewsIt's Jessie and her new Pokemon, Wobbubum! Wobbubum is the evolved form of Wobbuffet. Note that Jessie's uniform is now a very light shade of pink. James's will be a very light shade of blue. Apr 19, 2005
Akatsuki Seth.JPG
Akatsuki131 viewsApr 19, 2005
Team Evil's Balloon141 viewsJessie, James and Meowth have ditched Team Rocket for Team Evil. Not only do they have a new team, but now a new balloon. This is their Wobbuffet balloon from Pokemon: Lento Legends.Apr 19, 2005
The Box of Emerald Version335 viewsThere are two styles of the boxes.--Latias Lover!Apr 19, 2005
My pokemon comic.JPG
Lookin for Ash.670 viewsPikachu's lookin for ash.Apr 19, 2005
Max and the Gang1355 viewsMax is telling Ash that he saw Pikachu being snatched away by Mew! (in trailer)Apr 19, 2005
Latias and Latios Flying Through the Clouds.JPG
Latias and Latios Flying Through the Clouds72 viewsCute!---Latias Lover!Apr 19, 2005
Latios Caught!.JPG
Latios Caught!464 viewsDragon Tamer: I finally caught a Latios! My training served me well. Latios, destroy!

*Dragon Tamer threw a Dark Ball at Latios*
Apr 19, 2005
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