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water wash restaurant.png
Cooking Huntail---Water wash restaurant203 viewsAww Aww Aww...
I don't know how to swim...
Jan 30, 2004
Cooking Huntail---Saviour!!246 views"Never mind! They are incredibly delicious! Come on, I'll make you a copy machine and you can copy as many Huntails as possible! ^^"Jan 30, 2004
Cooking Huntail---Revenge Bomb193 views"Hee hee, your restaurant is bombed! Its time for us to eat you for a change!"Jan 30, 2004
jynx help.png
Cooking Huntail---Thrown fridge157 views"You don't get out of the fridge, I throw your fridege into the pool! Then you got eaten up by Huntails!Jan 30, 2004
jynx swimming.png
Cooking Huntail---Swimming?162 viewsHee hee! Stop your flame thrower, Arcanine. That's waste of energy! i've already have resistant!Jan 30, 2004
jynx burnt.png
Cooking Huntail---NO REST MADAM!!216 views"Hey! Madam! No rest! No laziness! That's what you taught me ya? GET OUT OF THE FRIDGE NOW!!"Jan 30, 2004
jynx not doing.png
Cooking Huntail---Rest...158 viewsGet that Huntail half cooked, then dip it into the "Dau Fun" (kind of powder) then put it into the oil tank and fry it...whoooaaah! I'm tired today...Jan 30, 2004
jynx feed fish.png
Cooking Huntail---Huntail fed193 viewsCome on Comeon ! Eat these!
Jan 30, 2004
alexyuly noodles.png
Cooking Huntail---Huntail Chinese Noodles183 viewsFried noodlesJan 30, 2004
Cooking Huntail---Huntail's flip235 views"Now! There goes your restaurant!"Jan 30, 2004
Cooking Huntail---Huntail...166 views"Hee hee! Why don't YOU go onto the slicing board?"Jan 30, 2004
Cooking Huntail---Huntail's bite206 viewsArrgghh! Get off me!
You sillt fish!!
Jan 30, 2004
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