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The Evolved Ninja Torchic - Ninja Combusken!723 viewsI was experimenting with different types of shading of photoshop and that eventually became the result. I think it came out quite cool. Oh well, another great addition to my line of ninja Pokemon.May 27, 2004
Bright Spinda475 viewsI switched up my style a bit in this picture, this I used no pens so I could retain the sketchy look. It came out very nice in my opinion. May 05, 2004
Ninja Zigzagoon!565 viewsDefinitely one of my funnier pieces I've made so far, must be the eyes... XD
And if you're wondering why its wearing a headband its from the "ninja" anime series called, Naruto. Infact I'm making a whole set of Pokemon cards based off of that anime, yes I like it that much, lol.
May 05, 2004
Sky High Dragonite755 viewsThis is arguably one of my best pieces and it showcases my favorite pokemon, Dragonite! As you can tell, alot seems to be going on in the picture. I dunno about you but it looks like he's about to fight something. =PMay 05, 2004
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