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Last additions - Dr. Mario
Dr. Mario presents87 viewsThe second "real" Dr. MarioApr 22, 2008
Dr. Mario presents30 viewsThe Dr. Mario Pokémon cardApr 15, 2008
Dr. Mario presents29 viewsAsh during the training period in my medical practise.

Ash während des Praktikums in meiner Arztpraxis.
Apr 10, 2008
Dr. Mario presents23 viewsTitlescreen of "Pokémon - Dr. Mario version"Apr 10, 2008
Dr. Mario presents26 viewsHave you already thought, how does a church bell look in the cross section? - In this X-ray picture you can have a look at this.Apr 10, 2008
Dr. Mario presents34 viewsBlack and white version of me and May for coloring.
(It's everyone allowed to copy this picture once for coloring with Hand or PC)

Schwarz/Weiß-Version von Maike und Dr. Mario zum Ausmalen
und farbig gestalten. (Das Bild darf zum ausmalen von Hand oder per Computerprogramm EINMAL kopiert werden)
Apr 03, 2008
Dr. Mario presents34 viewsRemember: Pikachu has been defeated in the Pokémon dojo. Then Ash brouht Pikachu to my mecial practice (doctors office), where I cure Pikachu.Apr 03, 2008
Dr. Mario presents38 viewsCharizard Master meets nurse JoyApr 02, 2008
Dr. Mario presents37 viewsMay: "Dr. Mario has saved me several times when Team Rocket kidnapped me and tied me up. Now he is my doctor for me and my Pokémon".Apr 02, 2008
Dr. Mario presents75 viewsJames wants to give Ash an enema.

James will Ash einen medizinischen Einlauf machen.
Apr 02, 2008
Dr. Mario presents31 viewsName plate of the Pokémoncenter in Petalburg CityApr 02, 2008
Dr. Mario presents35 viewsTelevision call for free training period places. Who would like to do a training period as a doctor, this can act in my medical practise.Apr 01, 2008
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